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Kebab was really really good

from @CompanyBurger, about 4 hours ago. View on Twitter

Freret Street Location

4600 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
P: 504-267-0320

Hours of Operation


11 AM 10 PM




11 AM 10 PM


11 AM 10 PM


11 AM 10 PM


11 AM 10 PM


11 AM 10 PM

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  • Serve the Classic American Cheeseburger

  • Make All of Our Own Pickles

  • Make All of Our Own Mayo

  • Butcher, Grind, & Hand Patty

    All of our Burgers, Singles, and Lamb. We source our beef from Creekstrone Farms—it's all natural, hormone-, and antibiotic-free. We cook our burgers medium to medium plus.

  • Build The Company Burger with Two Patties

    Its twin patties weigh a total of 6.5 oz. Each patty is topped with a slice of American cheese. Thinly sliced onions are sandwiched between the patties.

  • Build The Single with One Patty

    Its patty weighs 5.5 oz, and it has thinly sliced onions beneath its single slice of American cheese.

  • Get Our Bread Baked Fresh Everyday

  • Hand-cut Our French Fries and Double Fry Them

    And batter our onion rings to-order

  • Have An All-American Selection of Beer and Spirits

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The Company Burger

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“@thedailymeal: @companyburger, Congrats on making The 101 Best Burgers in America list! http://t.co/PJ6m4rMymN” @mark_vives

Claire Ganey (@ellenclaire81), on Twitter about 1 month ago.

Congrats @companyburger (70) & @cowbellnola (72)! The 101 Best Burgers in America (Slideshow) http://t.co/RNvuE5KEtk

Mary Ehret (@NativePalate), on Twitter about 1 month ago.

My piece for @esqfood's National Grilled Cheese Month: an appreciation of @companyburger's GC&B in New Orleans. http://t.co/1TLMA2LMFU

Josh Ozersky (@OzerskyTV), on Twitter over 1 year ago.

Yet another national accolade for @companyburger Top 10 burgers around the country – Eatocracy http://t.co/k2YdA1r4ck

Judy Walker (@JudyWalkerCooks), on Twitter about 1 year ago.

@companyburger you were just named one of the 33 best burgers in the country by our editors at Thrillist. Congrats: http://t.co/tREaED3Rrg

Kevin Alexander (@KAlexander03), on Twitter about 1 year ago.

Congrats @companyburger! Num. 6 on the F&W readers list! http://t.co/RNbjBed4AH http://t.co/ICNWhBUEjM

Keith Brantley (@kdid05), on Twitter about 1 year ago.

@companyburger Thanks for a fabulous lunch and a friendly staff!

NolaChick (@TheNolaChick), on Twitter 10 months ago.

Nice mention for @companyburger in Southern Living http://t.co/FVusJHPLNM

Duris Holmes (@duris), on Twitter 7 months ago.

My very favorite burger...anywhere. @companyburger does indeed rule them all!! http://t.co/F1YfsJdrcJ

Melissa (@melnola11), on Twitter 6 months ago.
  • 10508067_686549404766111_1321625803_n
    Just some grilled head @pechenola